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Omea is Going Open-Source

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Хорошие новости для пользователей Omea!

Напомню, что первое сообщение было тут.

Dear JetBrains Omea Users,

We are pleased to finally come to you with these news.
We know that many of you were waiting for this to happen for so long, and we would like to thank you for your patience.

So, after several months of thorough work on polishing the software itself and its API, we are happily ready to announce the full availability of our “Omea” line of products in their open-source incarnation.

We hope that this step will allow us to rise the development of this great product to a new level and to attract energy and talents of everybody who likes to participate in this “adventure”.

Omea — both source and companion files — is now distributed under GNU GPL v2 License (

For technical details, please visit the dedicated Confluence page:

All the best!

— The JetBrains Team

Omea is Going Open-Source
14.03.2008 9:45:10


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Март 14, 2008 в 3:28 пп

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  1. Когда-то и я пользовался им.
    Теперь полностью перешел на Google Reader. Полностью после того, как они сделали Google Gears.
    А что? Поиск лучше, доступно везде и всегда…

    Alexey Raga

    Март 29, 2008 at 10:34 пп

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